Kids of Ghana Foundation would like to thank everyone who gives, donates and partners with us.

Because you give we were able to help Sadia into a new home after the one she lived in was washed away by erosion where it was located by the riverside. Since then, Sadia has had victory in her life in her new home and recently married.

Emmanuel would like to express thanks to you for helping him complete his education at University. Because you helped, we were able to get him employment at a private school as a teacher. This changed his life from living in a dirt floor shack into a good home with electric, ceiling fan, tv and refrigerator.

Thanks to you, our wonderful providers, Kids of Ghana Foundation has been able to provide Rebecca’s children with a great place to live in a children’s home. They are provided with food to eat, clothing, and education. Rebecca is also able to visit them weekly. We truly thank God for the fact that you see and know the need and you posses a heart to give!

Now that we are established in rescuing the abandoned and deprived children of Ghana, we need to build our own facility in order to continue to create victories in their lives on a larger scale. With your help we will build a children’s home, a school and a hospital. We already have the land to build. Now we seek
donations to do so. Please help change the lives of the most deprived in Ghana by giving your donation now.

Thank you and God bless you.
Leon Monty – General Director Kids of Ghana Foundation

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